About us

Uttar Pradesh Law Students' association (UPLSA) is a non-profit association constituted and guided by The Society By The Law Fraternity People, consisting of law students, academicians, advocates, Hon'ble Judges, bureaucrats and politicians from different parts of Uttar Pradesh and country, working together to establish a healthy society in the state of Uttar Pradesh. UPLSA is dedicated to the promotion and welfare of the law students all over the state, as well as to provide people with such legal help as required.  

It strives to establish a platform for interaction with similar organization at the national and international level for the benefit of student and deprived class of our society. UPLSA provides law students with an opportunity to interact with legal professionals in the national arena on regular basis. The association conducts academic conferences, seminars, free legal aid, and academic conventions. 

Aims And Objectives of the Association

• To work towards welfare of the people in the state of Uttar Pradesh, and provide awareness of the legal intricate to the student, and to the general public as and when required.

• To provide analysis of the emerging legal problems in the Union of India.

• To regularly organise competition, where students related to the field of law, can show their talent.

• To file Public Interest Litigation in the interest of people of India, as and when required.

• To help in empowering women in the Union of India.

• To entertain any requests so made, in respect of legal guidance, academic, or related to career of the students so connected with the association, or any one.

• To make people aware of their rights and duties which are required in day to day works.
• To conduct meetings as and when required, and encourage interchange of ideas, information and materials in the association so as to enhance the knowledge of members.

• To maintain and encourage professional ethics among the member of the association.

The Association shall do the following to fulfil its objectives
• To establish and maintain a research and reference library in pursuance of the objects of the association with reading writing rooms and to furnish the same with books, reviews, magazines, newspapers and other publications.

• To convene meetings at such places and times as may be required in furtherance of the objects of the Association.

• To borrow and raise funds with or without security or on the security of a mortgage, charge or hypothecation or pledge of all or any of the movable or immovable properties of the Association or in any other manner whatsoever.

• To construct, purchase, take on lease any land or building which may be necessary for carrying out the purposes of the Association.

• To sell, lease, exchange, hire and otherwise transfer all or any properties of the Association, as and when may be required as per the decision of the President by taking in consideration views of other members.

• To undertake and accept the management of any endowment or trust fund having objects similar to the objects of the Association.

• To invest funds entrusted to the association in such manner as may from time to time be determined by it for fulfilling the objectives. The association may draw, accept, make, endorse and discount any promissory notes, bills of exchange, cheques or any other such method/ instrument which might facilitate the same.

• To make rules, regulations and by-laws for conducting and controlling affairs of the association as per the discretion of the President and other members

• To constitute committees as and when required for the matters which will come to its notice.

• To perform such other works, as may be necessary for fulfilling its goal and objectives.


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